• Công ty cổ phần dịch vụ kỹ thuật Phateco

    Phateco technical services joint stock company

    Professional, Honesty Assurance Testing & Engineering Consultancy Operation

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    Quality, Personnel and HSE Policities

    – Supplying high-quality services under international standards.

    – Services implemented by qualified and professional staffs.

    – Always bringing benefits to the clients based on the ability and experience.


    – The deserved benefits for the working effectiveness and individual ability.

    – Regular training to improve the professional skills for staff in all aspects.

    – Healthy working environment, solidarity and co-development.


    – To protect the health and safety for all members of Company as well as Clients and the related Parties in the operation fields of PHATECO.

    – The factors that may affect to environment by PHATECO’s operation he always considered and control following the regulation of Vietnam and International laws.

    – Always update the health, safety and environment management system. Establish the mode of training program and practice in situation of safety and environment protection.