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    Phateco technical services joint stock company

    Professional, Honesty Assurance Testing & Engineering Consultancy Operation

    • Tiếng Việt
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    Mechanical, repair & maintenance work

    • Fabrication and Installation for process piping, pressure vessel complies with Codes e.g ASME, API…
    • Inspection, Repair, Maintenance and Overhaul the Diesel Engine, Auxiliary equipment and Crane
    • Repair and Renew service for the Topside structures/Jackets/Risers/Crane of Platforms and Hull structure of Ships/FPSO/FSO/Jack-up including the Life Extension Repair Campaign.
    • Repair, Maintenance and Overhaul the Pressure Safety Valve (PSV), Valve and Safety Equipment
    • Maintenance and repairing service for gearboxes, tower structure, inverters, wings etc. of wind turbines
    • Anti-Corrosion and maintenance for piping, pressure vessel, structures, mooring system….