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    Oil and gas projects

    Some of completed Lifting Gear projects

    1. Clients: MODEC Management Services Pte. Ltd  Project: – Annual MPI, Inspection & Recertification of Lifting Gearson FSO Rang Dong MV17 – Annual GVI / MPI of Lifting gears on FSO Rong Doi MV12 – Annual GVI / MPI of lifting gear...

    WHP – Moc Tinh 1

    Client: PETROVIETNAM DOMESTIC EXPLORATION PRODUCTION OPERATING COMPANY LIMITED Scope of work: 1.   Provision of In-air survey 2.   Provision of external anti-corosion services

    Rang Dong Rig, Su Tu Vang Rig, MSP4, MSP9, DGCP of PVGAS SE

    Client:  LUC NAM TRADING SERVICES AND CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD Scope of work: Provision of abseiler and equipment carry out general visual survey and evaluating equipment’s condition and  In-air & Topside structure.

    FPU DH01, DH02

    Client: PETROVIETNAM DOMESTIC EXPLORATION PRODUCTION OPERATING COMPANY LIMITED (PVEP POC) Scope of work: 1. Provision of repair Calm Buoy on Class, Block 05-1A 2. Provision of quality assurance / quality control QA/QC. 3. Annual structural survey. 4. Provision...

    FSO Rong doi MV12, FSO Rang Dong MV17, FPSO Song Doc Pride MV19

    Client MODEC MANAGEMENT SERVICES PTE LTD Scope of work: 1. Lifting gear Inspection. 2. Fabrication Hyd piping of Aft Winch. 3. Manpower, Material for fabrication piping. 4. Anti-corrosion for deck crane using rope access. 5. Renew piping system. 6. The air reservoir....

    Ruby II, TB-VN, PTSC Lam Sơn, PTSC Bien Đong 01

    Client: PTSC PRODUCTION SERVICES JSC Scope of work: 1. Survey ultrasonic thickness, nondestructive testing using rope access. 2. Inspection & repairing. 3. Anti – corrosion.

    FPSO Lewek Emas

    Client: PVTRANS OILFIELD SERVICES Scope of work: 1. UTM rope access. 2. Lifting gear. 3. Inspection of all loose lifting gears on FPSO and carry out NDT testing on Pad eyes on FPSO. 4. Transfer cartridge to Pump Room. 5. Engineer for Survey for the raplacement...

    FPSO Armada TGT 1

    Client: JOINT VENTURE VIETSOVPETRO Scope of work: 1. Annual survey pressure vessel, pressure’s piping line. 2. Repairing tanks, cargo. 3. Anti – corrosion.

    Black Lion, Gold Lion, Brown Lion, White Lion, FPSO TBVN Oilfield

    Client: CUU LONG JOINT OPERATING COMPANY. Scope of work: NDT, Advance NDT, check the duct system use rope access.

    Block 01 & 02 offshore (RubyA, RubyB, Diamond, Pearl, Topaz)

    Cient: PETROVIETNAM DRILLING & WELL SERVICES COPORATION – PIONEER OF VIETNAM DRILLERS. Scope of work: Annual survey for oilrig’s structure, pressure vessel, pipe line, lifting gear using rope aceess.