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    NDT Certification


    The PCS/ISO9712 is a Personnel Certification Scheme of NDT proficiency in accordance with international standard ISO 9712 and Vietnamese standard TCVN 5868
    The PCS/ISO9712 is an appropriate option for individuals who have been trained in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9712 and ISO/TS 25107, with experienced practice on NDT job. In particular, this program is compliant with both the international standard ISO 9712 and the national standard TCVN 5868 as well as the recommended practice number SNT-TC-1A published by ASNT.
    The program is conducted in both Vietnamese and English, an opportunity for all individuals (with limited English language) who wish to assert their abilities.

    PNIC affirms and commits at the highest level of honesty, objectivity and independence in qualification and certification, ensuring that individuals are certified in accordance with international and national standards.

    The certification system has been formulated in accordance with ISO/IEC 17024 / ISO 9712 & ASNT SNT-TC-1A and TCVN 5868.

    Please contact the center by email: pnic@phateco.com