• Công ty cổ phần dịch vụ kỹ thuật Phateco

    Phateco technical services joint stock company

    Professional, Honesty Assurance Testing & Engineering Consultancy Operation

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    • Supply the material and spare parts.
    • Supply the goods for the commissioning and operation.
    • Supply the C&I, Automation, Inverter and Gas analyzer (ABB / Schneider / Siemens…).
    • Supply the solution & process equipment (Burckhardt/ SIAD/ Howden/ Hermetic…).
    • Supply the conveyor belt, pipe conveyor belt from TRB (Korea).
    • Supply the air inlet filter for compressor (Salutary Avenue – Malaysia).


    • Coal Thermal Power Plants / Gas Power Plants.
    • Refinery & PetrochemiCal Plants.
    • Onshore / Offshore facilities.
    • Coal / Gas Fertilizer plants.
    • Renewable / Power saving equipment for power plant / fertilizer plant.